Thursday, March 29, 2007


I promise, that somewhere in the near future, I will be posting pictures of Amelia's birthday party. Life just has a way of busying itself so that I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog. And then there are also those moments when you don't want to sit down and blog because you know you will somehow waste too much time in front of the computer. Its been a little bit of both lately as well as the fact that I've had sinus problems that I'm just getting over (I hope)
BUT, I had to share a couple funny stories about Isabella. Quite honestly, this child keeps me laughing on a daily basis. A little bathroom humor, lately she has been wiping herself more when she goes potty, but after I let her do this we had to make a new rule that she can wipe if she goes pee pee, but I have to wipe after she goes poop (you can put the pieces together with that one.) Anyway, yesterday I walked in the bathroom and she had a big smile on her face and said "Mommy, I'm going to go poop so you CAN WIPE ME!!!!!" In a, aren't you excited that I'm doing this for you kind of way. Oh yes, darling, nothing makes my day more. :) Then today, she was going potty and Amelia crawled in there and I heard Isabella yell at her "Get Out -- it stinks in here!" She's such a little nut. For the next story-- A little background, just last week we got cable - or actually a little more extended cable because if we switched our phone over and had our phone, internet and cable service all together it would be the same price we were paying for our internet, basic cable and telephone service we already had. This, of course, benefits my husband greatly because now he has ESPN -- which is huge since he's from Michigan and they rarely show Yankee college football in the South if another (albeit not as good) southern college is playing. :) This will make my husband extremely happy come the fall. Along with this, a friend of mine had mentioned another kids network called Noggin. I try not to let Isabella watch too much television, but there are some shows that I like. One of these is Miss Spider's Sunny Patch. She might not be learning anything like counting, alphabet, etc. so its probably all just be for pure enjoyment rather than educational purposes, but I personally am a big David Kirk/Little Miss Spider fan, so I let her watch it. Isabella has most of the books, so she enjoys the show. ANYWAY --(the little background is longer than the story itself :) -- On Noggin they have a couple commercials or fillers right before or after the show and one of these is for some kind of kids awards (which no, my child will not be watching) the commercial goes something like this -- "Justin Timberlake will be hosting this year's, etc.....he's a talented singer" --- here he is dressed up in a cape and sings FIGARO!...... "he's a talented actor"..... here he yells STELLA! I personally didn't think anything of this commercial, she's seen it a couple times, but no big deal. Well, last night we decided to take a walk and Isabella noticed that she could hear her echo and wouldn't you know it, my child screams out "STE -LLA!" I about lost it! And yes, I have realized even more how careful I have to be with what she watches as well as what I say in front of her. Who knows what this child would repeat. :) Again, I promise in the near future to post birthday pictures of our big one year old!!!


r.a.w. said...

A little bathroom humor is always good. How kind of her to oblige you by making a poopie.

Looking forward to the birthday girl pictures!

kelly said...


She's a hoot!