Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sickness and what nots....

Sorry, I've been rather absent from blogging lately. It seems like its been crazy busy around here -- I know, aren't we all?!? We were able to spend this past weekend at the beach with my family, but now that we are back Amelia is sick. Poor thing, she doesn't seem to have a very good immune system. Now that she is going to be one (in just a week!!!) I can hopefully give her some more things to try and boost her immunity. She has had a high fever, which will break a little, but she can't seem to get rid of it all the way. She has had diarrhea, threw up once, and won't eat. Yesterday, she ate a couple bottles -- although then she had diarrhea so its not really staying in her. This morning, she wanted to drink water, but then that's what she threw up and she would only eat a couple bites of cereal. My mom went and got Pedialyte for her, but she won't drink it either. I think she has a sore throat with all of this -- I kind of knew this might be coming because Kenny was feeling sick over the weekend with the sore throat, congestion, muscle aches and everything and now I am getting a bit of a sore throat myself. I've got an e-mail into the dr, but I'm assuming they will tell me to watch her and make sure she takes in some fluids today, etc but its probably some type of the flu virus. UGH! She is so pitiful this time, she just lays their in my arms. The good news is that Isabella isn't sick --- at all --- just the contrary, she's been extra active and not understanding that baby sister is sick. Isabella has never been sick, she gets colds every now and then, but she has never been sick so she really has no idea what it means to feel sick like baby sister is. I told her this morning that she had to be careful because baby sister doesn't feel good and she said "Yes, she does, she feels good!" :) Praise God that only one of them is sick! I hate to see Amelia sick, but I can't imagine having both of them this sick, so God is gracious to me! And I'm glad she is sick this week and hopefully she will be all better for her birthday party next week!

And now for a couple funny stories -- first of all while we were at the beach my nephew Garrett who will be 4 in May told my mom that he wanted a baby sister like Amelia --- he has a little sister, but he wanted one that was the right color, he wanted a brown baby. :) Not going to happen, but how cute is that?!

Yesterday, I got Isabella up -- of course the day she has gymnastics, she decides to sleep in alot :) - and as she was going potty, I was sitting in front of her and she pointed to my shirt. My shirt was kind of a tie dyed look with brown, turquoise, orange and white. Anyway, she pointed to a brown spot on the shirt and said so happily "BROWN!"...... "Like poop is brown!" I about lost it, but I tried to just say, "You're right", because I knew if I cracked up she would think this was funny and then repeat it somewhere else. :)

So, I might be absent a little longer. I do have a small memory card for my camera so I can take pictures again, so if everyone gets and stays healthy I'll post more pics soon.


Anonymous said...

We've been dealing with more than our share of sickness around here, so I know how you feel. Hope she gets better soon.

NikNak said...

DeAnna, glad to see that you all are doing well and I pray that Amelia is feeling better soon! Take care! Nakira

Michelle said...

I love the new look - so pretty!

That's neat about her Amelia's bday being on Mar 21st!

Hope she's feeling better! Thanks for sharing the funny stories too!