Saturday, March 17, 2007

Up to our elbows...

Yes, we are still pretty much up to our elbows in poop -- sorry for being descriptive, but ... oh never mind, most of you are mommy's you know what its like. Poor Amelia is still sick - but she is doing better in some aspects. She is actually eating now, which is a big plus. I took her to the doctor's on Friday and the verdict is....... she's fine. Ok, I don't think he meant totally fine, but she doesn't have any throat or ear infection. He said its probably a virus and maybe some teething on top which caused her not to want to eat. Thankfully, she doesn't have an infection, but I just wish there was more I could do for her. She's lost some weight and looks so skinny to me, but the doctor didn't seem too worried about that. Right now she is only 17 pounds, which being as long as she is looks even smaller to me. Pitiful -- so pitiful. :( The only funny thing was that at the doctor's office, he came in and started checking Amelia out and of course, she hated this. He put the stethoscope on her back and she was sitting there with her mouth wide open, tears coming down her face, but making no sounds. The doctor and I both kind of laughed and he said "Ok, now take a breath." :) I believe she is either going to be my extra emotional one - or just my drama queen. Along with everything, she has been SO clingy to mommy. She doesn't want daddy to hold her, feed her, etc. and if I leave the room she cries. Today, Kenny was trying to feed her some cereal while I got something else done and she was turned around in her chair crying after me, I went over and started feeding her and she was fine. Kenny said "How's it feel to be SO loved?" :) Thankfully, his feelings aren't really hurt. Oh, the other cute thing during this whole sickness is that she will cry for her teddy -- I'll be cuddling her and she'll say "te-ddy" until I go and get her little teddy bear for her -- how cute is that?! Keep her in your prayers still, I don't know how long this "virus" could last, but I hope she is over it soon, she definitely doesn't need to lose any more weight. And please pray that I will be able to find the right things to help boost her immunity, she just seems to catch things so easily. On a better note, the good news -- everyone else in the house is still healthy, Praise the LORD!!


Nichole, Mia's Mommy said...

OHHH Amelia sounds so much like Mia right now. Caugh, rnny nose, fever, sometimes HIGH fever. She has Bronchitus,and is on anit biotics, but if I don't notice a big difference tomorrow I am taking her back to the doc since she has been on them now for 4 days and I am not noticing a difference and her fever got up to 104.5 last night.

Anyway I hope Amelia feels better soon.

Shawnda said...

ohhhhh....I hate that she is so sick!!! It's just SO much when my kiddos have the poos or vomitting!!! NO FUN!!! I'm SO, SO, SO sorry!!! And 17lbs!!! She's a wee one! Karis isn't even 6 mo, and she's 16 1/2 lbs! : )