Sunday, July 27, 2008

2 Days Down

And 5 to go. So far the girls have done good and we've kept ourselves busy to try and avoid missing Daddy too much. Today's little gift from Daddy was a Hermie CD of songs (Hermie is a character in books written by Max Lucado) and the girls both loved it. I loved it because it only cost us $2 and they were actually good songs. Of course, yesterday after Kenny had only been gone maybe 10 hours Amelia sneezed and then came up to me pointing at her nose. Nothing new, she hates to have even the tiniest bit of snot on her face, as well as dirt on her hands, water on her face..... so I grabbed a tissue thinking she just wanted me to wipe her nose, although I didn't see anything. As I wiped her nose, I felt something a little hard and thought she must have just sneezed out a booger -- then I realized it was too big to be that and saw that she had stuffed an eraser up her nose. Thankfully, I was able to have her blow and get it out. I could just imagine having to make my first trip to the emergency room when Kenny was gone. I know, it sounds like a silly thing, but I know some that have had to go to the hospital for that. Praise the Lord she sneezed, wasn't crying to suck it back in and all is well. She has never stuffed anything up her nose before.... I'm hoping this is not a new found fun thing to do.

I have obviously talked to my honey and they got their safely, no delays, were tired last night as the time change is different so going to bed at 10 out there would be 1 our time. They went to the church they are helping out this morning and said they had a great worship service -- said the kids are motivated to make our service more worshipful here at home. That would be an answer to prayer, these teens have talent, but aren't always wanting to use it just for embarassment sake, being in front of people, etc. so it would be great to see the Lord already working in them. They were having some training today, a "gathering" tonight, more training in the morning and then they are starting the sports camp. I'm excited to hear how God works this week!


steph said...

The upside to daddy being gone is usually I can get away with McDonalds or better yet, cereal for supper!

r.a.w. said...

My brother once shoved the clicky part of a retractable pen up his nose. That required an ER trip.

The following week he stuck some Kix cereal up there. Fortunately, that was biodegradable and came out (albeit a bit soggy) shortly thereafter.

I am glad the eraser was removed without incident.