Saturday, July 26, 2008


.... that's where my hubby left for this morning. Actually, he's not even on the plane yet, but he and 2 other adults are taking 7 teenagers from church to Seattle on a mission trip. All the way across the country from me and the girls. :( I really hate it when he's away from me, which thankfully doesn't happen much. Please keep them in your prayers, pray for their safety and that they will all be empty vessels willing to be used for God.

And pray for me and the girls, it is going to be an interesting week. Amelia will be fine and hardly realize what is going on, she might ask a couple times where daddy is, but I don't think it will affect her as much. She's much more of a mama's girl so as long as I'm with her, she's ok. Isabella on the other hand, is going to have a harder time. She already kept telling Daddy she didn't want him to go -- kind of like it was her decision. :) I told her that I didn't "want" him to go either because I would miss him, but God wanted him to go so we just needed to pray for him. Yesterday we wrote a letter for Daddy for every day and stuck it in his suitcase. One of the letters she wrote said "I'm sorry I was being mean and said I didn't want you to go. I will let you go." :) I've already got plans to keep her busy and entertained. We have a craft to do every day, we made a little countdown calendar to check off every night, Daddy bought them a couple little presents -- one being the new Veggie Tales movie and the others being the coolest things at the dollar store :), and we've got a couple fun activities planned as well. Oh, and she gets to sleep with mommy at night, so she's pretty excited about that. Hopefully the week will go by fast for us. Maybe once he gets back things will slow down and I can start blogging more.

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mayhem said...

It's so hard when the daddy of the family is gone. You sound like you have some great plans in place! Hang in there! I hope the girls will remember this week as a special time with you, rather than a hard time without their dad.