Friday, January 11, 2008

Some Christmas Fun

Thought I would share a couple of the activities we enjoyed this past Christmas season. Of course, we had other things we enjoyed as well, but here are a couple. Are these girls not the cutest little chefs you've ever seen?!?! Amelia actually didn't help us make the cookies because she kept eating the dough :), but she looked so cute in her outfit. Isabella is my little baker, she loves to cook absolutely anything. She even wants to help me if I'm making a sandwich. This little rolling pin was supposed to be a Christmas present, but somehow the little sneak had already seen it and wanted to use it.

I wanted to make gingerbread houses, but I didn't want one of those already made up, just put it together kits. We did gingerbread men, bears and snowmen instead. Maybe we'll do houses next year.
I have to say that Isabella's gingerbread men/bears were a little disturbing , don't you think? The first one really cracks me up as she used red icing to put the eyes on, looks a little frightening. :)

The rest of these pics are of our trip on the "Polar Express" -- Isabella was so excited. She LOVES the Polar Express Book and Movie and quite honestly, although we aren't "Santa" people, she was all about Santa this year. You probably can't read her shirt -- it says, Santa, Define Good. :) The train ride was really fun, obviously the movie has helped this immensely. They had the soundtrack playing, read the book, then we took a ride to the North Pole (looks just like it doesn't it?) and picked up Santa, who then gets on and gives each of the kids a bell. As we reach the "North Pole", Santa and his sleigh are sitting outside, you can see Isabella yelling out the window to Santa. Actually, Isabella cracked us up with Santa, we've never taken her to see him before, but we decided to take her this year. She told him 2 things she wanted, then as we are leaving the mall she sayd "Oh no, I forgot to tell him that I want jewelry!" Then she didn't really get a chance to tell him on the train ride, she was very upset. Then after Kenny's work party one night we drove by a house we see every year. This guy goes all out, tons of lights and dancing figures, a whole huge train set up in a garage.... this year he had even built a little Santa Shack, was dressed up like Santa and sitting there. We were driving by and Isabella saw him and started YELLING out the window "SANTA, HI SANTA -- I FORGOT TO TELL YOU I WANT JEWELRY!" :) Kenny and I were trying so hard to hold back our laughter.

This kind of funny looking picture of Isabella with her favorite Christmas pasttime -- Hot Cocoa -- is not from the Polar Express, its actually from going to a Dickens Christmas Evening downtown, but it cracks me up so I had to include it. :)


Annie said...

Beautiful! Isabella is hilarious!!

Michelle said...

what fun pictures!

Becky said...

I made most of my comments on your Thanksgiving post, but I forgot to comment on those adorable little aprons and chefs hats! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! You are so talented! They are just so adorable! Amelia just a tad bit happy to be helping out. :o)

The Barkers said...

I LOVE their chef hats! So cute! Your mom told me about the Polar Express train ride. Definitely something I'd love to do for Jonas in the future. I've actually always wanted to do that train ride, even in the Fall.
The girls are so beautiful Deanna.

Loraena said...

so adorable

melva said...

The girls just look cute as a button, in all of the pics. The polar express sounded like fun. Too bad we aren't closer so I could take Casey. :)
I see nothing wrong with Isabella's cookies. I think she did a wonderful job decorating them.