Monday, January 28, 2008


Isabella has been thinking alot lately about heaven. Contemplating what Mommy and Daddy have taught her and she is now sharing her concerns with us. Obviously, I know that this has come from us talking to her about Nunu being in heaven. I didn't really know how well she would understand it, but she seems to at least understand heaven is forever and there's no returning to here. This is where she has concerns. Several times this week, she will say to me or to Kenny "why when we go to heaven can't we come home" and we try to find ways to explain this to her. We also tell her that when those who trust in Jesus, die, they go to heaven and it is so beautiful and so amazing to be there with Jesus that they wouldn't want to leave and come home. The thing is, I totally understand her concerns and I want her to know that I feel the same way sometimes, but that heaven is so much greater than our minds can even imagine. What is really funny is what her real concern seems to be "But I don't want to leave Tucker, he would miss me" I'm hoping that she is assuming that mommy and daddy would be with her, if not we've now become less of a concern than our labrador. :) Yesterday when she was talking to me about this again, she seemed to find a happy loop hole -- "Maybe God will let me have one of those diamonds from the street." Streets of gold... streets of diamonds, close enough. :)

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)


kelly said...

She'll accept a diamond in exchange for eternity- how cute is that :)

Ben & Ashely had their son this weekend- Reagan Theodore Benson Carnes (but I plan to call him Teddy) 7lbs, 13 ozs born on Sunday- has the cutest little cleft chin.

Keep Ben in prayer- new baby, no job since Brownback backed out... he is on an active search but nothing has worked out yet.

I love your new layout too!

Becky said...

Oh she is too funny! I'm glad that she's so concerned for Tucker's eternity. :o)

steph said...

Virginia wanted to know if her granny in heaven could come down and play with her for "Just a little while" then she said" I'll tell Jesus that I will let her go back up to heaven when we get through playing!"

BTW- Pics of Isabella are gorgeous! Wish we were close enough so you could come over to my house and take some shots of all of us! You are quite the photographer

I'll be'back said...

Why not let her choose whether she believes in Jesus or not? That way your irrational substantiation of illogical notions might not corrupt her sensible and eminently logical mind (compared to yours). I for one believe we might not ever know the answer to that question.... whatever it might be.... and I cope!

Your photographs are stunning and so much better than divine! Amazing breaths of genius! Thanks!