Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas Pretties

This is my last post on Christmas. I think I'm finally updated enough on here that I can change my background and move on. This little red outfit was what Amelia wore to see Santa. No surprise here, she wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't take my camera with me because I assumed they wouldn't let me take pictures, since they are wanting to make some money. Well, I was wrong, other people had their cameras and were taking pictures. We instead, bought a picture of Isabella with Santa, which I wish I could show you, but I don't have it in digital format to load here. You'll just have to trust me, it was adorable. "Santa" was so sweet and he was very concerned about getting Amelia to come see him, he offered her a gingerbread cookie which she quickly took, and she was willing to give him "five", but refused to give him a hug. I didn't think she would and wasn't concerned about getting a picture of her on his lap. It was mainly for Isabella since she had wanted to go see him. Amelia still looked as cute as ever in her little "Santa" outfit though. It was one of my favorite Christmas outfits on her.

These last two pictures are probably my favorite because they show my girls having fun together and becoming such sweet sisters. As Amelia is getting a little older, its been fun to watch the girls play together more. They will just be laughing so hard together and that brings me so much joy. Amelia just adores her big sister, wants to do anything she is doing, but also has the little sister tendencies of bothering her. As I am writing this Isabella has already said at least three times "Get off of me. Mommy - she's not getting off of me" as Amelia is coming over and laying on top of Isabella, with the biggest grin knowing she's annoying her big sister. And Isabella loves her baby sister and can be so protective of her, but she can also be rather bossy with her and feel as if Amelia is not getting "punished" when needed. She will come and say "Is Amelia allowed getting in your purse?" (To which I respond no) "She is, are you going to give her a time out?" Of course if Amelia gets hurt or gets scolded, she goes to Isabella and Isabella will comfort her. I just pray that God would cause both of my girls to be tenderhearted to each other and have a special bond. I don't have a sister, but it seems like a sister could be a built in best friend -- I hope that's the case for them. I hope they always realize that although their genetics are totally different, and they look nothing like each other, that God knew what He was doing. That He had a plan in this and that He made them sisters!! We tell Isabella all the time that God gave her a little sister. How great to think that God knew exactly what they both would need and chose even the big and little sister that He wanted for them. And He knew how much joy this mama would find in these two precious girls!!


steph said...

The one of them hugging makes me smile. I love it!!!

Becky said...

Awww, the one of them laughing and hugging is so adorable! These girls are growing up so close already. They'll be even closer as adults. You are always teaching them the importance of family relationships, and that is the key to their closeness. Thanks for your post. It just made me smile! :o)

Sylvie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! TOOOO ADORABLE> I love the one of them hugging. They are always dressed so cute. You are going to have to hold all of those adorable outfits for me, when (if) we add a little girlie girl to our family!