Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just rambling

To begin with, just a couple days ago I was forced to switch to the new blogger, so as I signed on today to create a post it came up with comments that needed to be "moderated". All of these comments were from weeks ago -- what's up with that? I had been getting most of them in my e-mail, but I didn't get these. And like I said it was just this past weekend that I updated..... I'm so confused. Anyway, I'm sorry to those of you whose comments didn't get "published" until now. I wasn't ignoring you, I just never got the comments.

No pictures to post, but I am definitely going to have a couple little photo shoots with my girls the next couple days (maybe not today as they keep having runny noses) I've been slacking on doing that. And I definitely need to post a new picture of Amelia smiling because she (finally)has 2 teeth!! A few weeks ago, her two bottom teeth came in. She looks so cute --- no signs of any more coming in anytime soon though. She has been so funny lately, she likes to play peek-a-boo, which is nothing new, except if we sit on the couch and she is on my lap, she will lean over and bury her face in the pillow until I say "Where's Amelia" and then she will quickly pull up and look at me with her cute little grin. She also likes to do this to people as they open the car door, the other day Kenny opened her door to get her out and she flung her head around to look at me (at the other door) but I could see the little look on her face and I said "She's playing with you" and sure enough she jerked her head around to look at daddy. And of course, she thinks she's hilarious. She also likes to play peek-a-boo with those around us if we go out to eat. The other thing she did today was that for the past few days I keep trying to get her to say mama (other than when she is crying), but she always says da da and smiles. I kept thinking she was just trying to tease me and then today I found out that I was right. This morning, I went to get her out of her crib -- at the time she was saying Ba Ba (I'm not sure if it was for bottle or Bella) and I picked her up and she said "Ma..." squealed, kicked her little feet and buried her head in my chest. Honestly, it was just like "Oops I wasn't supposed to say that" It was so cute. She's become a little more social too -- she's actually been in the church nursery a few times and has done well. Today at Isabella's gymnastics class, she played with the toys and other kids on the floor rather than just clinging to me. The only time she freaked out was when she crawled down in front of some other mothers, looked up and realized they weren't me, then looked at the lady standing behind her thinking it was me and started crying, like she had lost me. Pitiful, but it does make me feel good. :)

And the good/bad thing from last week is that Isabella no longer is taking her daytime naps. I personally think she is too young to stop taking a nap, but we had been really struggling with her at night. We don't put her to bed really early, Kenny doesn't get home until 6:30, then we eat and I definitely don't want to just throw her in bed after dinner, plus she wouldn't have time with daddy that way. But we would start at 9:00, get her ready, brush her teeth, read, and she would be down by 9:30 ------ but not asleep until midnight!!! A couple nights, it seemed like a battle of wills, but other nights she would just be in there in bed wide awake trying to play with books, her stuffed animals, etc (nothing loud enough to wake up daddy, but mommy hears everything.) I don't understand it. At nap time, it had actually been easy, she'd go to sleep right away and sleep for 1 1/2 - 2 hours. And then in the mornings, it wasn't like she was waking up really late, she'd be getting up at 8:00 --- only 8 hours sleep for a 3 year old--- that doesn't seem right. Quite honestly, I was getting exhausted. I tried everything, giving her a nap earlier, we have a nightly routine to try to get her "ready to sleep", but nothing was working. So now, she has "rest" time, she has to go in her room, stay on her bed, but she can "read" her books or play with the stuffed animals/dolls. Then I set the timer and when it rings she can get up. Then at bedtime, she goes right to sleep and sleeps 12 hours!! She really doesn't get fussy if she doesn't have a nap, so that hasn't been a problem, the problem has been if we go anywhere late afternoon or evening, she ends up falling asleep in the car and then we are destined to have another late night. She seems too young to be outgrowing naps, but as long as she is resting and I get a little bit of quiet time, I guess I'm Ok with this. Plus, it definitely works better at night -- no more being in bed, drifting off to sleep, just to be woke up by hearing Elmo saying "Elmo loves you" as Isabella squeezes her doll. :) Did anyone else's little ones outgrow their naps at this age?


A Special Family said...

Something you can do is still have 'quiet hour' at nap time - play on bed, reading, with toys etc, or put a CD on for her. This way she gets a 'break' as do you, but isn't up at night. Lots of time, they need a 'rest' not a sleep!
12 hours at night - now that's good!!!

DeAnna said...

Yes - 12 hours is GREAT! Amelia still does this and has her 2 naps in the day too. :) Quiet hour is pretty much what I am doing with her now and she is doing good with it (surprisingly for her energy level) She normally looks at every book she owns while listening to a CD and then when the timer goes off, (she loves hearing it) she comes running out of the room all excited. :)

Michelle said...

that's odd that you weren't getting some of your comments! I have a feeling I'm going to be forced to switch and I'm not ready too! I've heard that a lot of comments from before the switch show up as anon after the switch!

I feel you on the nap! I treasure those 1-2 hrs of quite time that Kayla naps! When she starts afternoon preschool in Aug she'll go at 1145 so there will be no more naps, but then again she'll be in preschool LOL

anyway, I think having quite time in her room is a good idea - a friend of mine does that with her son who turned 3 in Nov. Sometimes he naps, sometimes not, but it's still quiet time.

Overwhelmed! said...

Well, Snuggle Bug is only 2 and, so far, he's still willing to take afternoon naps (1-1 1/2 hrs long) and still goes to bed by 8 p.m.

If that changes, I really like your idea of quiet time in their bedroom. That way you at least get some downtime too!

If she's sleeping better at night, then I guess letting her give up her naps is a good thing.