Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2 weeks old

Although we've only been home for 5 days, Amelia is 2 weeks old today!! Seems to have gained a little bit of weight and we measured her and she is actually 21 inches long. We're thinking they measured wrong at the hospital because there's no way she's grown 2 inches in 2 weeks. :) Even just 2 weeks have flown by, I'm sure I will turn around and I will be looking at her like we do Isabella - in disbelief that she has grown up so fast. Isabella still adores her baby sister and doesn't seem jealous of her - other than with her Papa. Papa came up tonight to see the girls and anytime he would talk to the baby, hold the baby, etc - Isabella would make sure to do something to get his attention --- she would say "Look, Papa"..... Thankfully, she's not a grouchy or crying jealous, just wants to make sure she's being noticed too. These pictures are from a little photo shoot today - I had to add the little crying picture so you can see it wasn't all easy.

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kelly said...

I think the crying one is my favorite :)

Her head looks so small compared to the hands...

Glad Isabella is adjusting well, she is young enough that it should help make things smoother...my bro and I were close like that and there was never a time I remember realizing " Oh, I gotta share" He had just always been there.