Friday, February 06, 2009

We're Off!

I really thought I would get around to updating my blog before we left, but no such luck. Two twirly skorts, 2 tanks, 2 capris, 2 bandana pants, 2 extensively appliqued dresses, 4 embroidered shirts, an ariel clippie, a belle clippie, 4 ribbon headbands, 2 mickey and 2 minnie hair clippies, painted shoes (hadn't done that one before, but LOVE them) a skirt and headband for me (that's a new one I NEVER make myself anything) and lots of packing and now I'm ready to go. I still have to clean my house up so that I don't come home and right away have to scrub the toilets and vacuum the floors. We're so excited! I think we're all bouncing off the walls ready to go on vacation. Isabella has kept us laughing with some of the things she has said. I think she truly believes she is going to be marching in some parade singing with the group from High School Musical. And she really is believing that we are shrinking to the size of Tinkerbell while we're in Pixie Hollow. We've also been told that the first thing she wants to do is ride the tea cup ride.

One of the things that really cracked me up with Isabella: I don't like Hannah Montana. I just don't and can't be convinced otherwise, sorry. I realize this might in some way seem hypocritical as I do love High School Musical and I took Isabella on a mommy date to see the last one, but that has more to do with my own personal obsession with musicals. :) Anyway, Isabella had gotten a candy bracelet that was Hannah Montana from someone and she was looking at the package and said "Oh, no, oh no, Hannah Montana lives at Disney World, mommy." I told her that no she doesn't live there and I doubt we would see her and she said "Phew, that was a close one." She's a nut.

Amelia mainly keeps talking about seeing Snow White, "Cin-ce-lala" and Mi Mi Mouse. She says "I see Mi Mi Mouse and I go "Hi Mi Mi Mouse." I wish you could hear her cute little voice say it. :) I think the fact that I'm going to let her wear a princess fru fru dress out in public one night will be the best thing ever for her.

Also, my parents have decided to come down for a couple days. Actually, they left today go to my uncle and aunt's house in Naples and then they are going to come up for Wednesday and Thursday. My girls don't know this yet. We're either going to tell them the night before or wait and let them be surprised when they see them on Wednesday.

So, as Disney says (everytime I've called) have a "Magical" week while I'm gone and I'm sure to have lots of fun to tell you about when we get home.


steph said...

Your girls are the PErFECT age for Disney! I hope you have a blast!!!

Becky said...

I MISS YOU!!!!! I can't wait to see all your pictures and hear about all the fun!!

Debbie B said...

Hope you've had a great visit.
HM and HSM are completely different I totally understand liking one and not the other. Isabella is too funny.