Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disney 2

(Can you believe Amelia went and sat in his lap?)

Tuesday, we went to the Animal Kingdom. I both liked it because it was like a zoo and disliked it because it was like a zoo. We're zoo people and with being "Friends of the Zoo" members we have gone to lots of zoo for free. I think I was expecting it to be the best zoo ever, but we have been to the San Diego zoo, so I guess that is one of the best zoos ever. The animal part of it was pretty much just a regular zoo (unless you don't go to zoos much and then it would be exceptional :) Don't get me wrong, I still liked the park and Isabella especially loves animals, so she loved it. Trust me, she'd go to our local zoo a couple times a week and still not get bored. Kenny did get to ride the Expedition Everest ride and said that was good, I didn't get to ride it (sniff, sniff), but I'm not into riding rides by myself -- Isabella wanted to ride it, but was too little. She probably would have liked it too, she loves roller coasters. I won't post pictures of the safari ride, but it was alot of fun. I'm surprised I actually got some pictures of the animals because you are really bouncing around in the jeep. The first time we rode it the guy was great, really fitting the part of the safari driver, the next time (which was on Thurs with my parents) the guy was monotone and boring, which actually made it entertaining in its own right. We were watching some video last night from that Thursday and laughing at how the guy sounds on video. We, of course, saw more characters, my girls really were into seeing the characters. If you don't want to see them, don't point them out. My girls wanted to see Eeyore, which also meant seeing Tigger and Pooh again. Of course, this time we only waited a few minutes to see them. :) Eeyore had horrible penmanship and when we saw him later in the week Isabella said "Oh no, Mommy, Eeyore can't write very good."
We saw Minnie again, her line wasn't long so I agreed the girls could go see her again. We also saw Pocahontas, a very white Pocahontas, which much have confused everyone because we had no one in front of us to see her. :) The parade was great, as are all of Disney parades. Isabella loved trying to get the characters to give her five. We got to talk to a nice older couple that I could tell were enjoying watching the girls have fun. I thought it was kind of cute that an older couple would be there by themselves. I can see that being Kenny and I -- in another 40 years. :) Even if you are not into animals, or you don't feel like going on a safari ride, go to the Animal Kingdom for at least the shows. Oh my, were they spectacular. The Lion King show was full of all kinds of fun things, I'll only post a few pics. Isabella loved the acrobatics. Amelia liked it, but was a little unsure of some of it because we were up front and the show isn't done on a stage its done right in the middle of the floor with bleachers sitting around it.

I asked my girls what their favorite part of Animal Kingdom was and Amelia said "Newo show" and Isabella also said "The Finding Nemo Show." I would have to agree, that was my favorite part as well. Isabella said the Lion King show was next - so if kids are telling you the shows are better than the animals, you know they're good. We all just absolutely loved "Finding Nemo: The Musical" -- the other stuff was good, but this was great. It was like a Broadway show (nothing at all like the shows they put on at Hollywood Studios) and just really amazing. These pictures aren't great, but we were in the second section up -- so using a zoom lens and not being allowed to use a flash gives a little bit of blurry results, but I still wanted to post some.

Honestly, I personally would pick the shows over anything else at that park. So make sure if you're going, don't miss them. Well, unless you just really hate shows in general, then just disregard my recommendation. :) We actually didn't do everything at Animal Kingdom that day, on the off season it closes at 5, so its a short day already. Then we decided to take some time to go eat at Rainforest Cafe, which the girls loved (after they got used to the noises.) I also had promised to take them swimming that night so we saved a couple things to do for when Papa and Noni were going to be with us. Lots of fun though --- now Isabella is walking around singing "big, blue world...."

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Sheryl said...

The picture of Amelia sitting on the orangatang (sp?) lap, looks like she is all laid back sitting in a big stuffed animal chair. Your pictures are so good. I've enjoyed seeing all of them.