Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick Girly

So much for getting some Christmas pictures on here and posting my menu plan, my Isabella has been sick. She's had the typical, 75 degree one day 40 degree the next, cold and cough off and on for a week. Then Sunday, we went to Sunday School and I was copying off some stuff and came back into the room and Isabella was sitting on Kenny's lap crying. She didn't want to stay with the Sunday School teacher. This is SO not like her, we knew then she must not be feeling good. Then she would be fine, then start acting lethargic, fine again with the teens, clingy the next. She also complained of her ear "popping" a couple times. She started running a fever that night and felt SO hot when she crawled in bed with me. I called the drs office on Monday and they told me I could bring her in or wait and see if the fever goes away or if she stops complaining about her ear, and if not bring her in the next day. I opted for waiting. Monday was a day of sitting on the couch with her alot just cuddling - can't complain, I love cuddling with her and its sweet that when she's sick she wants me to be near her, but of course I got nothing done that day. Tuesday she woke up, no fever, acting fine, she sat and cut and glued scraps together as I was sewing. I thought well, maybe she's over it. Nope, she started running a fever again that night, acted all emotional going to bed, then came into our room several times in the night. Her fevers had been pretty high too, so I decided to take her in yesterday. I try to avoid doctors as much as I can. Not that I don't appreciate what they do, I just think sometimes people take their kids in for ever sniff, every fever, every ache and I don't do that. I'm actually very thankful for the pediatrician we have, he doesn't encourage you to come in at every symptom. They obviously say you can, but they don't push it. I like that. I also like that he seems to be on the same page as me with alot of things. I mentioned that she gets the typical colds, but that she really doesn't get sick much and I try to avoid using over the counter medicines. He agreed and said "They will claim to work, but the really don't anyway. They might help for comforts sake, but its better not to use them if you can anyway." He said "You could probably use some peppermint tea with honey and that might help." Silly, but at that moment I was once again so thankful for him because we had been giving Isabella some Herbal Children's Cold Tea that I had gotten at Whole Foods, yet I hadn't personally met alot of drs who recommend anything other than drugs. There probably are more out there, but of the ones I've personally been to and worked for, they laughed off the idea that things like that could help. I mean, why should we try herbal tea when we could fill our kids with sugar and red food coloring from over the counter medicine. :)

I will say this, although I prefer natural alternatives as much as possible, I'm not totally against doctors and medicines when needed. That being said she is on antibiotics for a few days. It bothers me to think about it because she hasn't been on antibiotics since she got out of the NICU, and I'm already hoping her acidophilus will help her some with some of the effects of antibiotics. Has anyone read any of these books at this website: It has books talking about not using antibiotics, effects of them, etc. I wonder if any of them are worth reading? I don't feel like I'm in an "Antibiotic Crisis", as I said this is her first time on them in almost 5 years. I'm just wondering how to better prepare for the possibility of more sicknesses once she starts school next year. She already takes some stuff for immunity, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

A praise about the antibiotics was that they were free. Since we haven't ever gotten antibiotics for our girls I was wondering how much it would cost, but the nurse told me that if I took it to Publix they would fill it for free. Maybe not good for the idea of pushing antibiotics, but it was a praise for me because I didn't want to have to spend a fortune on medicine.

And along with trying to help her immunity, is anyone else like me and starts feeling like some kind of bad mom when your kids get sick? Ok, maybe its just me. I know its kind of crazy, kids are going to get sick, but somehow as a mom, I don't think anything of it if I get sick, but when my kids get sick I feel as if I've missed something, thought I was keeping them healthy, but must have missed something. Its silly really. I know God is in control of their health not me, its just one of those protective mama things, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for being patient with me. If Isabella continues to feel well today, I will post some pics. I actually started this post yesterday and didn't get to finish it until today. She seems to be feeling better this morning, but she slept until 10! And I let her, I figured she needed to catch up on some sleep and if she could actually sleep through her own snoring (oh my was it loud last night) then I should let her. I just pray she is feeling good by Saturday, her 5th birthday party is that afternoon and its going to be an ice skating party!! Can't believe she's going to be 5!

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Sheryl said...

I hope Isabella is feeling much better now. Its no fun being sick.