Monday, January 05, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I feel terrible that my first post after posting so very little over the holidays is going to be my menu plan. This is really for my sake mostly. If I do this then I will keep myself accountable to organize and plan out my week's menu. When I don't plan things just don't run smoothly at all. We have thankfully started the New Year off eating healthy. We had friends come in to see us and she and I enjoyed making nice nutritious meals for our families as well as talking about ways to continue to better health, continuing our goals of being more frugile with the everyday things, etc. I'm going to lump meals together rather than do each day seperately. More or less the I'm doing it per day so if you REALLY just have to know what we are eating on Wednesday, it will be the third item on each list. :)

*Brown Rice Farina with Blueberries
*Blueberry Muffins and smoothies (Make them Monday night for Tuesday and Thursday and freeze some)
*Griddle Cakes
*Blueberry Muffins and fresh juiced juice
*Crepes with bananas and blueberries. (I'm using THIS recipe. It looks yummy to me and since my girls love cottage cheese, I think they will love these. I've never made them, but I've made other recipes from her site and they're always delicious, so I'm not worried)
*Homemade "sausage" patties, eggs, & some kind of potato hash brown type of thing (THIS recipe for the sausage. I've never tried it before, but another site that I've enjoyed her recipes) I've never been a big pork fan anyway, but it definitely isn't a healthy choice for meat (in my opinion), but my hubby loves big breakfasts so I thought this would be great to try on Saturday.

Lunch: Lunches are mostly for my girls. I don't normally eat what they eat and I will probably be eating salads or something instead. My girls will eat some salad, but not enough to fill them up so its never a whole meal for them.
*AB & J sandwiches, Pirates Booty, & 1/2 banana for girls. Salad for me.
*Chicken Hot Dogs (to look like octopus) with mac & cheese & peas -- saw the octopus on a front of a book and thought I needed to try it for my girls.
*Leftovers - salad for me
*Ab & J sandwiches.
*English Muffin Pizza (on homemade whole grain English muffins, first time trying this too, but I’m hoping I can make them and freeze some for further easy lunch ideas)
*not sure about Saturday's lunch, probably just some type of sandwich or quesadillas, and Sunday will depend on my grocery shopping since I haven't been out this week.

*Whole grain pasta with sundried tomatoes & mushrooms in light cream sauce. Steamed brocoli
*Leftover chili and cornbread
*Quesadillas with leftover mexican rice & beans
*Chicken, sweet potatoes green beans
*Black bean cakes & salad (Don't have a recipe for the black bean cakes, I'm going to wing it after enjoying the one at Whole Foods so much. If it turns out good, I'll share the recipe, if not, I'll just hang my head in shame.)
*Homemade pizza
*Sunday night after church will be leftovers

Hope everyone has a good week and I hope that its not a week until I post again. :-)

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