Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eating dirty chocolate

If you don't like hearing any funny stories about slightly gross things or bodily functions, you might want to avoid reading any further..... if not, I have to share my conversations with Isabella today.

We were getting ready to go to the store, I sat down at the computer to print off a coupon and Isabella excitedly declared "I FOUND A CHOCOLATE M&M!" I think it was Tuesday that we had M&Ms, so I knew she must have found this under the couch.
Me: "Was it on the floor, if so its dirty."
Her: "Can I eat it?"
Me: "Its been on the floor, its dirty, why would you want to eat it?"
Her: (looking at the M&M) "Its not dirty, can I eat it?"
Me: "That's gross, eating food of the floor can make you sick."
Her: "But can I eat it?"
Me: "If you want to be a nasty little girl who eats things off the floor"
Her: "So I can eat it." (And she did)
I then told her that it was bad enough that she ate something that had been on our floor, but she was NEVER to eat anything off of any other floor, even if it was a whole chocolate bar (trust me, I think she needed to hear this. :)

A couple hours later we were out shopping with my mom and Isabella said she had to go potty. We went in, she peed and then I asked if she was done, she responded "No, I need to go big, Big, BIG poo poo" (This is her typical response in a public restroom, to be loud and let everyone know what she is doing) Then she held her tummy and said "I have to do that because my tummy hurts.....I think THAT DIRTY CHOCOLATE M&M MADE ME SICK!" Again, sorry if you have a weak stomach or think all matters of such should be kept private, but I had to share, she's a nut -- I love her, but she's a nut.


Shawnda said...

too funny!

Anonymous said...


Sylvie said...

OH MY GOODNESS I've got tears in my eyes that is WAAAYY Too FUNNY!

melva said...

At least she thought that the dirty chocolate made her sick. This is too funny though. I could see Casey doing something like this. I remember taking Casey to the bathroom with Nunu when she was about the same age as Isabella and she said really loud, Nunu I can hear you pooing. And of course there were other people in the bathroom. They do have a way of being louder in public than at home. :)