Saturday, July 14, 2007

A toy store is a toy store to a 3 year old

Here is proof that my 3 year old is pretty easy to please. Last night, I convinced my husband to take me to a thrift store. I have been browsing on some sewing/craft sites and ladies were mentioning that they had found some cool vintage sewing patterns and material at thrift stores, so I decided that I wanted to try and see if I could happen upon anything interesting. To begin with, the one we chose to go last night was not a good choice. There might have been a great vintage pattern there, but if so it was at the bottom of the bin -- literally. We went to a Goodwill, but it was a Goodwill Clearance Center -- which cracks me up, now thrift stores aren't even cheap enough you have to have a thrift store clearance center. Definitely a clearance center, everything is 99 cents a pound. Everything is thrown in these HUGE bins, no rhyme or reason EXCEPT for the toys, they are all in one area. So as soon as we walk in, Isabella is excited to see bins and bins of toys. It made me laugh to realize its not just the toy area in Target, Wal Mart, or Toys R Us -- even old broken toys get this child excited. Well, the trip wasn't a total waste, we got a frisbee for the dog to chew up, I found a Disney dress up dress for Isabella (its in the washer as I write) but best of all -- Isabella found her "treasure" -- this is what she wanted, we couldn't convince her otherwise.

May I present, Dancing Cow -- as she has named him. Now all of you rush out to your local thrift store in hopes of finding a "dancing" wooden cow with a broken ear!!!


Loraena said...

Great story - cute cow. =)

Michelle said...

that is such a cute cow! At least she's not expensive when it comes to finding a treasure :)

GLouise said...

I love thrift stores too! Who knew that Goodwill had a clearance center!? :-)