Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my honey!!!! He's the one on the right with the Urkle pulled up pants with the huge roll up at the bottom. HA! What an outfit. (And Tanya if you read this, don't laugh to hard, that's your hubby on the left. :) I think he had a good day, we met him for lunch and Isabella got to take Daddy some balloons. They also were as cute as can be because I had embroidered some shirts for them to wear to his work that say "My Dad's the Coolest", he liked those the best. (See below for pictures) Then tonight he actually got a small surprise party, which we never do parties for us, so any party would probably be a surprise. I had mentioned to the teens that it was Kenny's birthday on Wednesday so I was going to bring a cake and ice cream to youth group -- well, they decided they wanted to do something so they went out and bought decorations and cards/gift for him. I had to make up some excuses to hide things, but I got there early with the teens and helped them decorate and he was surprised when he got there. They also had asked me for some pictures of him that they could blow up -- I REALLY need to get some more "embarassing" pictures from my in-laws. :) Actualy, I think he's had a whole birthday week, because I gave him his present on Monday, we got together with my parents, brother and sil last night to celebrate 3 birthdays, then today was his actual birthday and we celebrated. I hope he remembers this week long celebration when my birthday rolls around. :)

I was trying to get Amelia to smile in this one by singing "If you're happy and you know it..." but Isabella decided to play along too. :)

AND, since it is Daddy's day, I thought I would share a little conversation Isabella and I had the other day.

Isabella: When Daddy gets home can he do..... (I won't write it all out because she was making no sense what she was wanting :)
Me: Honey, I don't know what you are talking about, but I'm sure if you ask Daddy he will try.
Isabella: I love my daddy, SO much.
Me: You have a good Daddy don't you?
Isabella: Yeah, he gives me lots and lots of kisses. *pause* He's so handsome and pretty. (She's giggling because she called him pretty)
Me: Silly girl, not pretty.
Isabella: He's so handsome and cool!

I agree honey, you are so handsome and cool. :)


Andrea said...

Isn't it wonderful how God blesses us???

Michelle said...

happy birthday to your hubby - I love the girls' shirts!

Shawnda said...

So sweet!!!! I love the conversation you and Isabella had : ) Your hubby and my hubby have **almost** the same b-day : ) Jason's is today! ; ) Happy b-day to your hubby!!!! : )

Tanya said...

Hey Deanna! I think Orville looks adorable! If I had a son I would put the outfit on him. :-) Happy Birthday Kenny!

DeAnna said...

Tanya, Well, if you guys ever have a boy, I am sure to buy him a pair of very short shorts and make sure you have him in dress socks and shoes and name him Orville III. :)

steph said...

How do you embroider the shirts? Do you use a pattern? Is it hard on that knit shirt background? They turned out precious!

DeAnna said...

Steph, Did you actually think I did that by hand? :) I'm not that good, or crazy. I have an embroidery machine. I love it, I told Kenny that I'm enjoying using it but I might need to practice so he shouldn't be surprised if he grabs a pair of his boxers and I've embroidered on the rear end. :) Thanks for the compliment though, even with the machine its a little difficult using the child size shirts and onesies because you obviously can't hoop it all.