Friday, November 17, 2006

Some new pics

I thought I would post some new pictures and updates. Most of the pictures are from this Saturday, we had beautiful weather here for part of the day so we decided to see if there was any fall color left and take a little hike. Isabella was very excited about this because we kept telling her we were going up to the mountain. The picture where she looks like she is climbing the rock - she said "Wow, the mountain!" :) The picture of Kenny and Amelia isn't the best because it was too overcast to see all the pretty colors. We hadn't really prepared on taking a long hike anyway, but our hike lasted for a while, but we didn't get anywhere. As soon as we started walking Isabella was picking up all the little rocks, sticks, and leaves her little hands could hold. When she saw the big rock (the one she is sitting on) she told daddy she wanted that one - she thought for sure he was strong enough to get that one for her. I was actually wanting to get a picture of her trying to pick up that "rock" because she was trying so hard and had the funniest little face, but by the time I got my camera up, she turned around and gave me a cute little pose instead. Then she gave me the little pose by the tree. Then we got a little way down and Amelia got fussy, so I gave her a bottle and since she was out of the backpack, Isabella wanted to ride on Daddy's back. Honestly, I didn't plan very well -- I should have brought the sling or other backpack to carry Amelia and we might have been able to go farther. It did actually start getting cooler and looked like it was going to rain so we had to turn back anyway. Another couple was up at the start of the hike looking at the trail maps and asked us "How far is this hike, is there a waterfall on this hike?" We just laughed - we hadn't made it that far. But all together it was still a fun day, we might not have made it very far, but Isabella had a ball looking at everything and that's what it is all about right now. We used to take long hikes, now they may be shorter, but the fun we have seeing things through her eyes is wonderful!
And have you all noticed the little bit of hair Amelia is finally getting up top? Its so cute and soft! I had to add the little cheerleader picture of Amelia in the mix. This week Amelia has started saying Ma Ma - but only when she is crying (go figure!) For instance, yesterday I was getting ready to feed her, put her in her chair, sat the bowl on the table and went back into the kitchen to get a spoon and her little cup. Well, she was quite upset thinking I wasn't going to feed her and she starts crying then "mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmma ma ma ma" I'm really starting to wonder if she is recognizing this word. She'll sit and say Da da at any time, but ma ma is only when she is crying, like when she wakes up, when she gets tired, or if she happens to bump herself while crawling everywhere. I guess I'll take it, maybe she is starting to want her mama in those "crisis" situations. Then yesterday it was so cute, she was eating and I started playing a little game with her, kind of the "I'm gonna get you" type of game and she started just giggling, which made me laugh, which made her laugh more, which made me... you get the picture. It was so sweet, we were just sitting there giggling with each other.
Yesterday Isabella made a new little friend - whom we may never see again. We went to the mall and ate lunch with my mom and noticed they had built a little play area. So after lunch and a little shopping, I took her down there. To begin with, my child cracks me up. She was trying to get into this one car - which actually was pretty high with no easy way to get in it for any of the kids and I see her climbing in it and asking all the kids passing by her "Please help me" :) Later another little girl was in the car and Isabella decided to climb in and join her, it was so cute a little boy was jumping on the car and sliding down it and the girls were both just laughing as hard as they could at him --- Hmmm, didn't realize flirting started this young. So for at least the next 30 minutes, Isabella and this little girl played together. The little girl was 5 - and was adopted from China. Her grandmother was the one that brought her and she and I sat there talking about the girls, adoption, etc. We decided we should probably both leave at the same time or both of the girls might be upset. When I went to get Isabella, she hugged the girl and said "I need my new friend! My new friend go to Bella's house?" Then for the rest of the day she talked about seeing her new friend again. I'm happy that Isabella makes friends so easy and then I'm a little upset about the fact that she doesn't have alot of little friends that she gets to play with on a regular basis. I guess I'll have to work on this - hopefully as Amelia gets older they will be good buddies! Ok, I think that's it, just a little update on life here. Oh yeah and for my husband, who will probably not notice me or my girls tomorrow unless we're dressed in blue and maize -- GO BLUE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your family is so beautiful. You watch her, she's going to be a little social butterfly. :-)
And I love the little cheerleader.

kelly said...

HA! -- I forgot about that-- we are football widows together :)

(( I just did a writing competition where that was the subject-- did I show you it?))

I love their Shawls-- those are so cute... and I am just plain ol' jealous that you all have so much fall color and mostly our trees are still just full of gray moss (( which we can in turn brag about later-- but I prefer fiery blazing branches this time of year))

Which mall-- my old mall?
<< sniff, sniff :( >>

melva said...

It is about time that Amelia is getting some hair. :) She looks so cute in with her little pompom.
And Isabella is just growing like a weed. And I too am jealous that you still have fall color. Cause WE don't. Here it is ready for winter. The leaves fell off the trees several weeks ago. It is so sad. :(

Michelle said...

Looks like it was a fun hike and reminds me of the one we went on a few weeks ago - great pictures!

How cute that she made friends so quickly with that other little girl and they played so well together for so long!

Kris said...

Precious! I love Amelia's little tuft of hair!! =)

wendy said...

Your girls are beautiful as are the photos you take of them! :-)

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

Faith said...

Great pics! it looks like ya'll had fun!!

owlhaven said...

My goodness, they are just too lovely!

Thanks for helping celebrate my sweety's birthday!

Mary, mom to many