Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Absence (I know you missed me?!?)

This is my 100th post, BUT I just don't have time right now, nor could I actually think of 100 things to tell you about myself if I did what many do for their 100th post. I've been away from blogging the last few days because my in-laws came in Friday and were here until yesterday morning. Then my sweet Amelia has been sick with a little cold - thankfully, she is like Isabella and doesn't get cranky when she gets sick, but Oh the snotty nose and coughing! And then Isabella - Oh my Isabella - boy has she just been trying us lately! Its been one of those weeks of telling her to do things like "When you go to the front of the church for the lesson (which they do right before Children's Church) you need to behave and listen to Pastor" just to have her go up front, sit on the step for 2 seconds, then decide to fall backwards with her feet up in the air showing the whole church that not only does she have tights covering those panties, but Kenny and DeAnna must not know how to control that child. :) The bad thing is that everyone else thought it was funny which just encourages Isabella's little entertainer personality and Isabella thought it was funny too until she stood up and got the look from both mommy and daddy. :) And she's done many other things that were much less "entertaining". I've been in tears thinking I must be doing something wrong for her to constantly turn around and disobey -- although now she will do it and then quote the verse we've been teaching her (obviously her own translation) she will say "Obey Bellas parents!" I just have spent alot of time praying that this is just her trying us and that God would cause her to be tenderhearted to things of Him. I know she's only 3 (almost), and I don't expect her to always obey (obviously), I just pray for her heart as she gets older that she wouldn't have a rebellious heart. I know she has a stubborn will (I believe I'm getting my payback) and I don't want to break that will, I just pray that it will be moldable! On a lighter note, we did have a really nice visit with my in laws. They had come down in April to see Amelia for the first time so it has been 6 months since we've seen them (and actually that's pretty good, it seems like we only see them once a year) And no, I'm not just saying we had a good time because they will be reading this, because they won't - they don't have a computer. It really was a very nice visit! Isabella had so much fun with her grandparents and even Amelia warmed up to them fine. As soon as they got here, Grandpa tried to hold Amelia and she pooched her lip and cried, but then after a little while she was fine sitting on his lap. Isabella was very sad to wake up yesterday morning and Grandma and Grandpa not be there. So now, I am off to do the laundry that has been piling up and get some cleaning done around here, but hopefully I can get back to my normal blogging (or posting pictures) soon.

I also wanted to post a link for Adoption Month. Alot of you have probably seen this video on other blogs, I saw it on Faith's a while back and then just recently it was posted here for Adoption Month. Its Mark Schultz and a song that he wrote because he was adopted.
This is what he says about it on his website: Cindy and Mark discussed the love and courage it must take for a woman to give up a child, knowing she could never give her child the things he needed. "I've had such a good life. I have the best parents in the world so I wanted it to be a song to thank my birth mom for giving me the opportunity to live, " he says. "It's almost like taking her hand and walking her through my life when I was little and playing baseball with my dad, the prayers at night with my folks, and my mom reading 'Goodnight Moon.' Then back to what would it be like if we met on the street. Would you know it was me? Would you just kind of know?" HERE's the link again - I figured I would just post the link rather than try and get it for myself. :)


Shawnda said...

Well....I'm finally back to reading blogs as of tonight....I think! : ) I'm going through a TON of posts!! It's SO good to hear your struggles with your little one....b/c we've got them here too, girl!!!! And your words....all of them sounded VERY familiar!!!!! whooo....what a relief! : ) Thankful the Lord is sovereign and gently leads those with young!!! : )

Michelle said...

glad you had a nice visit with the inlaws!

The not listening gets to me too sometimes. I think why, why can't you just listen and do what I ask?! Sometimes it's hard to remember they are 3 and trying to assert their independence - but I'm not ready for that!

My Kid's Mom said...

Deanna - What you're describing with Bella is exactly what I went through with my youngest - and it DOES get better, over time. The main thing is just keep on trying to "mold" her (I like what you said about not breaking her spirit), because if you give up on that, then she will become rebellious as she gets older. Hang in there - it's all worth it, believe me! And thank you so much for your links to my site! God bless. . .

kelly said...

The song is beautiful and made me a little weepy.
Ironically I watched it after getting weepy already once today-- I stumbled across this page quite accidentally just about 30 minutes before watching the video you've got linked:

funny how they kind of have a common theme...

Do you know anyone who has adopted older children too?

I believe that Isabella will be fine-- your heart is tuned to her Heavenly Father's and parenting with him is always protected by that promise "Train up a child ..."

They all have to go through "stages"
of assering their individuality. If being a clown is "her" style then she will thrive in constructive ways to explore that part of her personality. ((make puppets! Dress up and put on a play ! maybe a channel for some of the laughs without the antics ...))

My cousin has a 3 yr old who is in a similar stage-- if anything, you are sailing through chartered waters, surrounded by plenty of fellow sailors-- take heart!

:) Jesus wants her heart soft and pliabe EVEN MORE than you do-- imagine that!

DeAnna said...

Thanks to everyone for their encouragment! I imagine that I will have many days (years) that I will spend on my knees for my children! :) I liked your thought Kelly, that God wants her heart more than I do -- SO true!!

I only "personally" know 1 person that has adopted an older child - a 15 year old boy from Russia (an absolutely AMAZING story!) I have met a couple people through blogging that have as well, but I don't really know them. My nephew Tyler is 10, then the rest of the the grandkids on my side are (will be in the next 4 months) 4,3,2,and 1 --- I said I needed to adopt one in between those ages, so he could have a cousin close to his age. :) I have looked at several of those same pages in the last few months.