Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Here's a couple pictures of my girls from yesterday. The first one is the look we get when we ask Isabella to smile, some how she associates smile with scrunching her nose. We had a fun 4th - we spent the morning/afternoon with our friends Randy, Andrea and Makenna having a cookout and swimming. Then last night we went up to my brother and sister-in-law's house for a cookout. We were going to go see some fireworks, but after Isabella saw some smaller fireworks, she decided that she didn't like them. Hopefully, this is just a phase - I think she has realized she can be afraid of things. She loved them last year, but she decided they were too loud this year. Although, on the way home, we could see alot of fireworks in the sky and she would say "I love it, fireworks!" We all had lots of fun and Isabella woke up asking to see everyone again today -- wouldn't that be nice to party every day!! :)

Also, here's a picture of my brother, Mike's barn. He has been building it to use as a workshop for making his instruments. I thought it looked rather patriotic yesterday.


Shawnda said...

Look at your girls all dressed in their patriotic CUTE clothes ; ) SWEET pics of them, as usual!!! Samuel does a funny look when we ask him to smile too - he squints his eyes and gives a really...ummmm....insincere smile : )

Sounds like ya'll had a FUN time!!!!

Yeah...on the way home last night, we could see firworks in the sky, BUT Samuel STILL wasn't having it. He kept saying "I don't want to go see fireworks. I want to go home and go to bed" : ) Poor little guy - hope he's not forever scarred!!!!!!!!

kelly said...

Isabella is looking right at the lense-- she always seems to do that-- makes her all the more photogenic, as she seems to be looking right out of the picture at you saying " That's right, adore me "

They are both so cute in their red white and blue and I LOVE the barn.. you are a good photographer

Waltzing Matilda said...

Nohe 5 here. My kids have been flip flopping on their love or fear of fireworks this year too. Last year Nicholas was all in to it and Rachel wanted nothing to do with them. This year it is the exact opposite.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, your girls are adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Cle and Sylvie said...

Beautiful! I absolutley LOVE their outfits!