Friday, September 04, 2009

13 years (and 4 days) ago

I married my best friend! And today........ I love him even more. I am not going to use the cliche "it feels like just yesterday...", because actually, it doesn't. I will admit 13 years has flown by, but when I think back about what we have done, what we have enjoyed, what we have gone through, how we have been blessed over the last 13 years, it definitely doesn't seem like just yesterday. When I realize how old I am to be married for 13 years, sometimes I wish it was yesterday. :) The picture above was taken by Isabella while we were at the beach in May. I think she did a pretty good job. No, she did not change the coloring in photoshop and burn the edges, but she'll get there. :) I put this picture in a frame for our bedroom it says "Love with no regret." A few weeks ago when visiting a church (haven't told some of ya'll about that yet, but we'll talk later) they were talking about: Are there things you would go back and do differently? do you have any regrets? are there trials you wouldn't change because of what you learned? etc. So Kenny and I have been talking about this off and on lately. I really don't have real regrets, at least not in the sense that I would go back and change things - well, maybe I would change gaining 20 pounds, but I'm talking serious things people! NOW, if you would have asked me in the middle of a trial, say infertility, yeah, I would have said you could have it. But then that would mean not having my 2 girls, not seeing God work, having a different life than I have now - nope wouldn't change it. And if I would like to go back to say high school or college and be the person I am now, rather than that person back then, sure every now and then I would love to change that. But again, if I was the person I am now, but my husband was not the person he is (or vice versa)...... you get my drift, my life might not be my life now. So I thought the frame was appropriate when I saw it. I am so thankful that God has given me an amazing husband, who is an amazing father to our girls. There isn't anyone else I can imagine spending the last 13 years or the next many, many more with.
I'll have to post picture later because I'm in the midst of packing and cleaning for a long Labor day weekend at the beach, but to celebrate we went away this past weekend. The place we stayed at was marvelous! It was like a little mediteranean village and was Rustic Chic (as their sign said.) It had a spa, which was oh so wonderful when my hubby booked me a massage. We also went on a zip line tour and had so much fun. Just another thing I love about our marriage, we love spending time together, truly enjoy being with each other and trying new things together. (And yeah the zip line pictures will be attractive, we have helmets, harnesses, oversized gloves.... yes the perfect picture of romance.)
To my hubby: I love you Babe! With no regrets! Well, I kind of regret that my wedding dress had a big bow on my butt, but other than that, no regrets. :)


Another one trying to become a parent said...

Happy belated 13th wedding anniversary. Its nice to know you have no regrets. If you had changed your life the we would not have any role models regarding raising two well adjusted and beautiful girls. So keep up the good work you and DH are inspirational. Whem I adopt if my child was able to produce one happy smile like either of your daugters then I would know I am doing or have done a good job.


Barbara H. said...

Happy anniversary! I do remember the era of big bow dresses.

mayhem said...

Congratulations!! That is a wonderful picture too.

I'm laughing about the wedding dress with the bow on the butt! Post a picture of that too!

Sweet Patience said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. This was a wonderful post. I enjoy seeing couples who are staying committed through it all!
Those questions that you were asked in your class were good ones to ponder on. We took a 13 week course almost 3 years ago at our church called "Radical Love" and it was awesome. It gives us a lot to think about as Christian, married couples. I can tell your girls are truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing your story.

Becky said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!! You guys are the sweetest couple, and I'm so thankful that God had our paths cross shortly after you were married.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Becky said...

PS last night, the kids and I enjoyed looking at old pictures on your blog. They were giggling and "oohing and ahhing" the baby pictures of the girls. Then, one of them piped up, "Man! Auntie DeAnna takes great pictures!" -thought you'd like to know that they think you're pretty cool. :o) You've got some precious memories built up here!

DeAnna said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments and compliments. I will most definitely have to see if I have a big bow butt picture. :)

Becky, your kids just the sweetest, I think they're pretty cool too. :)