Monday, July 13, 2009

Little smart aleck

Amelia must be a baby genius, I think she read my last post about Isabella being so funny and decided she needed to step up her game. She has been such a crack up lately. She doesn't talk as clearly as Isabella did at her age, but with a chatterbox for a big sister, who really gets a chance to talk? So some of the things she says are more about HOW she says them rather than what she says. For instance, we were up in Michigan for the 4th and went into a Joann's Fabric store.... we walked into the scrapbook area and Amelia said "Howee cow! HO WEE Cow!" (Holy cow if you need interpretation) It took me a while to stop laughing. Then today the girls were watching a show on Noggin and Amelia said "No way, NO Way! No he didn't!" And really how did I end up with such a little smart aleck? (No comments from some of you! :) I really thought we wouldn't have to work on that until she was like 9, but 3?!? Today we went to lunch with a friend and I could tell by the way the girls were playing at the restaurant that when we went into the next store they could easily get out of control. My husband is probably nodding his head right now because he knows, the girls can get silly, which is cute until it turns to "Let's be as loud as we can, let see how many times we can make mommy say sit down, touch everything in sight....." and when they are with a friend, which means audience, it can be worse. (And now I'm sure Andrea is nodding :) So as I was buckling the girls in the car to go to the next store, I gave them the whole speech "While we are at the store I don't want you to........ I want you to........ if you don't......... if I need to call Daddy......" The nice long speech that I thought had just the right amount of firmness and motherly love, :) and then as I'm finishing up Amelia says "Sooo.... we need to be good." Uh, yeah, that's what I meant. Little smart aleck.

As I opened up blogger today, I noticed that it has been exactly 1 month since I have posted. Sorry. This summer has been flying by, at the start of the summer, I sat down with my calendar and filled in all the things that I wanted to do: playgroups, free movies, library programs, etc. We have not gotten to everything I wrote down. Some due to better options -- getting together with friends rather than just sitting at a library story time for 1/2 hour (pfft, I can read a book just as dramatic as them :), some we've missed due to rain -- can't have outdoor movie or music programs in the rain, and some just because we are hanging on by our teeth trying not to get over run with things to do. All in all we've had a fun summer so far. In the last month we've gone camping for Father's Day, went to Michigan for a week, spent the past weekend celebrating Kenny's birthday doing fun family stuff, and just little fun things here and there. I feel like this summer is flying by, normally I wouldn't care because when it flies by, it just gets to my favorite season quicker, but this summer, oh I just wanted it to stand still. I'm not ready for my baby to go to kindergarten, I'm not ready for counting down to holiday breaks and summertime to spend all day with her. And I'm not too sure that my little smart aleck above is either. She adores her sister and I think she's going to miss her during the day. Sniff, sniff..... why do they have to grow up?


steph said...

I love a smarty-pants!

Matthew, Delecta, & Marli Claire Rollins said...

First of all, don't you love Joann Fabrics? I sure wish that we had one in Greenville. Secondly, and most important, your two girls just crack me up! I love to read their stories. I got your comment about your hair. If you ever decide to stop cutting your own hair, LOL, come see me. I think that everyone who has ever sat down in my chair with your beautiful curls, has a nightmare hair story!

Becky said...

I love your new outfit here! So cute!

LOL at Amelia, "sooooo...we need to be good." Hey, she was just summing it all up for ya.

Your girls ARE growing up too fast!!! I can NOT believe Isabella is going to be in school!

Krissy said...

Hi, Deanna!
It's been soooooo long since I saw your girls and WOW have they ever grown up. They are so adorable-- and by the sounds of it pretty darn funny, too! Ho-wee cow do I want to give them each a squeeze. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

HA!! Gotta love 'em. These little sprouts keep us in line!!!!
I am back on typepad- and blogger too!

hope to see ya there.