Friday, December 14, 2007

My little witness

Isabella is my social butterfly, wherever we go she is constantly talking to people. And she assumes that they all want to talk to her. :) And its not just, Hi, how are you? type of talk, she normally wants to go sit with the people and talk. Trust me, this has made it challenging trying to teach her that some strangers are bad. One day while we were in the car, I had been talking to her about how some strangers are bad, so unless she is with mommy or daddy she can't just talk to strangers -- so she asked me "Mommy, why are some strangers bad?" Hmmm, thinking, thinking "Well, baby maybe some of them don't love Jesus..." "WHAAATTTT? They don't love JESUS? I have to talk to them!" After that conversation, I should have known what was coming next. Yesterday we had a family day and took a little day trip. We were out to eat for dinner and Isabella decided that the family next to us needed her company. The dad and son had already left and the mom and daughter were waiting to pay the bill, so Isabella started talking to them, then she slid off her seat and onto one of theirs. Of course, we're apologizing, but the lady said "How could you say no to these sweet eyes" Then as we were talking to the lady Isabella says "Do you know what? Jesus died on the cross FOR US! And then he rose again. " Oh the sweet innocence and boldness of my child. And yet, I am nothing like her. How easy it should be for us to share the exciting news that Jesus died for us and he rose again. My sweet girl doesn't even understand what this means yet (I'll share a story about that later) and yet she knows that it must be exciting news that everyone should hear. I hope she never loses this boldness! Kenny said last night "Wow, I think she is going to open some doors for me to talk to people" :)


Shawnda said...

OHHHHH! That brought tears to my eyes!!!! We should ALL be like your little bold witness for Jesus!!!! May Jesus reveal what these truths mean to her heart and continue to use her POWERFULLY for the glory of the Lord and the JOY of those who do not (but might if they hear) know Jesus!!!

I would love to hear the response of the family that Isabella shared this with! : )

Barbara H. said...

Popping in to say I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts