Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mikey B, you might have some competition

..... or I could title this, My Arranged Marriage Idea Might Not Work Out. :) Since the day Isabella was born, she has been promised to my friend Becky's son. Well, we can at least hope right? :) Although Mikey (he's 5, maybe he wants to be called Mike or Michael now?) I think has some "back ups", I do believe we have brainwashed him into thinking he wants to marry Isabella when he gets older. As of Monday, I'm thinking Mike might need to up his game to win my little girls heart. Monday morning we went apple picking with some friends -- actually, there were no apples on the trees due to the frost this year, so the "picking" was done out of bins. When we got to the orchard Isabella and the boys were playing (the only other girl was Amelia who was running like a wild woman) and she and Chase were playing on top of the hay bail, although I heard Isabella say, "let's play pirates - Aargh", she was acting like the sweet little girl so perfectly. Chase would throw hay and some would land on her arm for which she would hold up her arm to him and as this picture to the left shows, he would then wipe off of her arm. What a gentleman. :) On the way up there, Isabella kept telling me she didn't want to go on the hayride because she was afraid of the tractor. I don't know where this came from since last year she loved it. So when it came time for the hayride I told her that everyone else was going, it will be fun, etc., etc. She wasn't totally convinced because she said it was going to be loud. Chase then said "I'll protect you" and she said in an oh so sweet damsel in distress voice "Oooo Kkkk!" This all sounds so sweet, but as you can see in the picture, she took this rather seriously, she really thought that Chase, the mighty 4 year old could protect her from the fire breathing dragon -- urr I mean tractor. His mom, Shelli, and I were laughing and saying how cute this was now, but give them another 10 years..... I'm still rooting for ya, Mike, but we might have to talk to your parents about this "living so far away" thing. :)


Loraena said...

That is so funny! I must say, they make a cute couple. =D

melva said...

I feel sorry for Mikey having to compete with a boy that has an advantage of living closer. :) This is so cute though. Watch out though cause she is going to be a little heart breaker. :)

GLouise said...

What a precious photo!!